How does the Credit Union Support the CHURCH AND PARISH?

Because we are a separate entity, we do have the responsibility and obligation to protect the privacy of our members and their financial standings.  There is NO information shared with the church or school.  However, we are a strong supporter of both the church and school and we continue to look for opportunities and avenues which provide not only financial support but also educational support through the Panther Savers Program and through being available to all parishioners and their families for their financial needs.  Some of the things that we do for the parish and school include:

Sponsor of St. James Gym and St. James Fields

Sponsor of Festival, Fish Fry and Parish Picnic

Sponsor of Bus Trips/Ladies Night

Sponsor of PTO Events / Fundraisers

Sponsor of School Open House / School Carnival

Sponsor of School Panther Saver Program