About St. James Parish Credit Union



6195 Cheviot Road, Cincinnati, OH 45247-6120


Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm

First Saturday of each month 9:00am - 1:00pm


(513) 385-5921


(513) 385-0199







St. James Parish Credit Union was founded in 1939.  A number of volunteer Board of Directors and Officers have served for decades, providing continuity, direction and expertise for a sound institution.  The credit union is a financial cooperative.  St. James Parish Credit Union is member-owned and a not-for-profit financial institution chartered by the State of Ohio, dedicated to improving members’ lives.  People who share a common bond join together in a non-profit association for the purpose of doing business with one another. They save their money together, borrow those funds with low cost loans and receive other financial services at little or no cost.

St. James Parish Credit Union is a state chartered and federally insured organization, dedicated to providing quality personalized services in a comfortable, family oriented and convenient setting, to members of St. James Parish to satisfy their continuing financial needs.  We are committed to the sound financial performance and to the safety and security of member deposits. 



What is the tie between the credit union and

St. James Parish or School?

The credit union is a complete entity of its' own.  St. James Parish (called the "sponsor") merely means that we are limited to serve those in the Parish/School community (family households, relatives of parishioners, etc) and therefore not everyone can be a member or take advantage of the services offered. NO information is shared with the Parish or school about our members, their accounts or their financial standings.  Our entire staff, board and committees adhere to the same confidentiality and privacy that any other financial institution must and should abide by. For the convenience of our membership, we do offer the convenience of paying tuition payments or church donations directly from the credit union, however, this must be set up through the Parish Business Office. 



The Credit Union Difference......

We have been serving Parishioners of St. James Parish for nearly 80 years!  Here are just a few of the differences between a CREDIT UNION versus a BANK and a SAVINGS & LOAN.  Our goal is provide the highest level of service to our members.