Panther Saver


St. James Parish Credit Union is proud to offer the PANTHER SAVER program to the students of St. James School during the school year. Complete the application form and return to school or first Panther Saver Day which is the first Thursday in October. A representative from St. James Credit Union will be in the cafeteria every first and third Thursday of the months of October through May to accept deposits. Students should report to homeroom first and then proceed to the cafeteria to make their deposits.



Financial Education

Our philosophy is to nurture and encourage the lifelike skills of providing for the future by helping the students learn how to budget and save today. 



Becoming a Participant

We encourage you and your child to take advantage of the savings program that the school offers. All that is necessary for your child to become a member of the St. James Parish Credit Union and to participate in the PANTHER SAVER program is for you to review the Disclosure and complete the Application Form and return it to their teacher.

New members will be assigned an account number and a passbook will be sent to their home address. This passbook should be used by the student to record deposits and should not be brought to school on member days. Students will be provided an initial supply of duplicate deposit tickets and additional tickets will be available each PANTHER SAVER day. We do recommend that you encourage your child to balance passbook entries with their statement as another learning experience.



Eligibility of Membership

It goes without saying that St. James Parish Credit Union is excited about having the opportunity to serve the savings needs of St. James students as they become members of the credit union with their first deposit. We invite all family members – aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents and siblings – to become members as well and to call us with personal, auto and home lending needs.